shock absorber

What is a shock absorber?

Shock absorbers are one of the most important parts of the car suspension system, which have different dimensions and shapes, and a shock absorber is installed next to each wheel. Shock absorbers minimize the shocks to the car so that the front bumper and the car’s room are not hit. Also, shock absorbers prevent the car from shaking. If the shock absorbers are damaged, it is almost impossible to go over bumps and uneven surfaces because the car and driver’s room are affected. When the car is moving on uneven surfaces, shocks are applied to the shock absorbers, and the springs repel the shocks by opening and closing. There are different types of shock absorbers and depending on what type they are, their parts change. In general, most of the shock absorbers are composed of parts such as spring, support base, shock absorber, support shaft, valve head of the support shaft, gas or fluid, and shock absorber head hub.

Some types of car shock absorbers:

hydraulic shock absorber (oil)

Most cars usually have oil shock absorbers. As its name suggests, oil is used in the spring, and after a shock is applied to the car, the oil in the shock absorber enters a chamber and returns to the chamber after the spring is opened, which causes vibrations. to be pushed to the car by the springs.

Hydrostatic shock absorber

In this type of shock absorber, instead of using oil, nitrogen gas and other gases are used. When the shock absorber is hit, the existing gases prevent the formation of air bubbles, and the spring performs better when opening and closing.

Telescopic shock absorber

Telescopic shock absorbers are type of oil shock absorbers and their impact power is high. The holes for the oil to escape in telescopic shock absorbers are larger, and this causes the spring to retract faster after impact, but when the oil is opened, it returns to the chamber through smaller holes, which causes the spring to not open quickly and Take more hits. Cars with telescopic shock absorbers are easier to drive.

Lever shock absorber

Piston shock absorbers have a lever that applies pressure to the piston, causing the spring to retract faster and release slower, resulting in slower oil release. Lever shock absorbers also reduce the vibrations to the car more than other models.

What are the symptoms of shock absorber failure?

  • Some flaws in the shock absorber can be recognized. Any deformation in the shock absorber indicates a damage. In this situation, the change in shape can be caused by an accident or impact, and sagging in the place of the springs also indicates a defect in it.
  • If there is oil on the shock absorbers, it indicates an oil leak. Damage to the sealing of the oil chamber causes it to leak, and in case of oiling, the springs must be replaced.
  • The car should not rise and fall abnormally on the uneven surface, and if the car is springy and noisy on the uneven surface, it indicates a problem with the shock absorbers and should be checked.
  • If the car dives under heavy braking, the shock absorbers should be checked.
  • If the car turns a lot in corners and it is difficult to control it, there is probably a problem with the shock absorbers.
  • Worn tires can also be one of the reasons for failure in the shock absorbers or suspension system of the car.
  • If the wheels dance on the road or go up and down, it is probably due to the wear of the springs and they need to be replaced.

Shock absorbers are consumable car parts and it is better to replace them after every 80,000 km. Of course, everything depends on the type and driving environment, and it is better to consult with repairmen about replacing them.

What should be done to increase the lifespan of shock absorbers?

The front of the car is one of the most important factors that cause the control of the car, and it is better to fix its faults in periodic services. Adjusting the suspension plays an important role in increasing the life of shock absorbers. Another factor that causes damage to shock absorbers is worn tires, and if the tread wears off and wears out, it must be replaced. Smooth and non-emotional driving is one of the most important factors that increase the lifespan of shock absorbers.

Any damage to the shock absorbers makes it difficult to drive smoothly. It is better to be sensitive to their health because the springs are considered as the pillars of the car and any damage will cause the entire car to fall, so its maintenance and care is very important.

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