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One of the most important parts of any car is its suspension system. This system consists of components such as suspension, springs, shock absorbers, etc., whose main task is to connect the body and wheels to each other and manage the connection between the road and the car. The car suspension system plays an important role in other tasks such as driving the car, accelerating it, as well as braking and stopping the car.

Renault shock absorber

In addition to these, the suspension system must absorb the shocks from the road surface while bearing the weight of the car and manage these shocks by converting them into vibrations. Car handling and stability have a direct relationship with the suspension system used in it, and it also affects the quality and smoothness of the ride.

The suspension system has different components; Springs, shock absorbers, bushings, bushings, waveguides and struts are things that are generally common in the suspension systems of different cars. In the absence of a suspension system, car parts wear out very quickly due to impacts from the road.

Renault Talisman Although each of these components has an undeniable and important role in the suspension system, the role of the shock absorber should not be ignored. A shock absorber is a mechanical part that is installed near the wheels of a car and has the task of controlling and finally damping the oscillations created in the car’s spring. The amount of spring movement and vibrations to the shock absorber can be considered as the main factor in increasing or decreasing the life of the shock absorber. Also, the shock absorber of the car is connected to the chassis on one side and to the suspension system of the car on the other side.

Renault shock absorber

When a force is applied to the spring, the spring is compressed and some energy is stored in it, which is released after this energy is released. Usually in the form of heat, it performs the function of damping vibrations. If there is no shock absorber in the car and the oscillation of the spring does not disappear, the wheel of the car would be separated from the road surface and the control of the car would be out of the driver’s control; Also, the smoothness and comfort of the ride was also reduced.

How does a shock absorber work? To explain the function of the shock absorber in simple words, it should be said that the shock absorber has a piston with small holes at the end and a piston, which is usually a steel rod, is inside. The shock absorber piston is placed inside a metal housing that is usually filled with oil and moves along the axis inside this fluid. Since the oil inside the shock absorber is under pressure, to prevent it from leaving the chamber, this chamber is completely sealed.

Renault shock absorber

When the spring and then the shock absorber are pressed and compressed, the oil or fluid in the shock absorber comes out of the larger pores, and after the pressure is removed from the shock absorber, this oil is inserted through the smaller pores. It returns to its original position in the piston. The reason for the difference in the size of the pores is the management of the vibration resulting from the impact and its damping, as well as the smoothness of the shock absorber movement. The oil in the shock absorber is also responsible for absorbing the heat generated by the conversion of kinetic energy and transferring it to the open air.

Types of shock absorbers Today, different car manufacturers use different shock absorbers in the suspension system of their products. Among the most used types of shock absorbers are hydraulic or oil shock absorbers, gas or air shock absorbers, telescopic shock absorbers, hydrostatic shock absorbers and lever shock absorbers.

What are the symptoms of shock absorber failure? A defect in the shock absorber can have destructive effects on the car. Lack of stability of the car on the road, difficult control of the car for the driver and reduction of the car’s ride quality are among the most important effects of the failure of the shock absorbers on the car. In general, the car’s shock absorber is closely related to the car’s safety, and if there is any defect or problem in this section, we strongly recommend you to go to the after-sales service centers to solve the problem.

Renault shock absorber

The following are among the common defects in car shock absorbers:

1- Appearance defect: The first problem that can be easily recognized is any damage to the shock absorber or its deformation that can be caused by an accident or impact. Also, if the location of the shock absorber is sagging, it also indicates the presence of a defect in this part, which should be solved as soon as possible.

2- Lubrication or leakage of shock absorber oil: Although the chamber containing the fluid in the shock absorbers is sealed, but for any reason, this sealing may have a problem and the fluid inside the chamber may leak out. In this way, if there is oil on the shock absorber or oil leakage around the shock absorber, it should be replaced.

3- If the car goes up and down too much on uneven roads and has a springy state, it is clear that there is a problem with the car’s shock absorber, which should be replaced as soon as possible.

4- Dive of the car during heavy braking is another sign of a malfunction in the shock absorber.

5- If the car turns too much in the corners and it is difficult for the driver to control it, the condition of the shock absorber should be checked.

6- The presence of noise when crossing rough roads, from the speed limiter, during acceleration or heavy braking can also indicate a defect in the car’s shock absorbers.

7- If the car pulls to one side while moving, it indicates a fault in the suspension system or one of its components, including the shock absorber.

8- Tire wear or the loss of a part of the tire tread is another sign that, if seen, the car suspension system or its components such as shock absorbers should be examined by experts.

9- If the wheels of the car so-called dance on the road surface or go up and down, the reason for this may be the wear of the springs and aids, which should be taken to one of the Renault after-sales service centers across the country as soon as possible to solve this problem. referred

Renault original shock absorber Today, many profiteers are endangering people’s lives and property by making non-original spare parts and offering them at lower prices than standard and original parts. The use of these parts may seem economical at the time of payment, but definitely the risks of using these parts and their possible incorrect operation will have heavier consequences; Therefore, our advice to you is, if the shock absorber of your Renault car needs to be replaced, be sure to contact Haas Remax and Alborz Yadak dealerships.

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